Love, the unrequited kind


I can not keep track of the amount of times I have been asked about my first book of poetry. Where is it? What will it be called? What’s it about? What’s the cover look like? Etc… I have been in a state of limbo for most of the year. I want nothing more than to get my words into your hands. I want it to happen now! I am an impatient person! Ha. But I am going to have to wait a bit longer to release Confessions. Is that my title? Hell, this week it is. I can’t even settle on a title, guys! See why this is taking forever!?

In the meantime I am going to be releasing an ebook only collection of poems on Amazon. There will be work familiar to my instagram readers, and new work. The amazing Alicia Cook, who I am huge fan of, will be editing for me.

These poems are all centered around that bitch we like to call unrequited love. And who of us has not felt that? If any one of you can tell me every single person you have ever wanted has wanted you back, please go away. You make me sick… jk. I love you.

I will be revealing the title of this book in my next post. It is a phrase you have seen me use before, many of you can probably guess. For now just look at the pretty cover!

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