Book Of The Month Club

Okay so listen, I just joined The Book Of The Month Club. I don’t remember where I first saw it advertised but I went to the website and almost joined about a dozen times. Finally this adorable tote they were offering lured me in. I’ve never signed up for a subscription box, but this one intrigued me. (The fact that you can skip a month helped) I’m always buying books, always, it’s an obsession. And I’m always looking to buy them cheap, becauseย well, the world is expensive these days and any penny saved makes me happy. So I joined this club at 30% off a 3 month membership. 3 months is normally $44 and some change. I had just paid $20 and some change for an amazing book that was a choice through the Book Of The Month Club! Bummer I didn’t know this sooner. Now that I am a member I can offer you all 50% off a 3 month membership (okay why didn’t anyone offer me THIS deal???)

So anyways to try out the 3 month membership for half the cost just click here and enter the code REFER50 at checkout. I’ll be posting when I choose my September book tomorrow and maybe we can do some group reads!

PS. they do allow you to add up to 2 additional books to your box at 9.99 and I implore you all to please add All The Ugly and Wonderful things to your box. It’s amazing and like I said it’s $20 on Amazon.logomark_navy2b252812529

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