So, if you’re a big fan of mine then you have heard me talk about Apus before. If you’re new to me and that word means nothing to you, here we go.
Apus is a collection of poetry I wrote while working on my novel, Burning Muses. Sera, our protagonist, is a poet. So while writing Burning Muses I often wrote poetry through her point of view to inspire me. It helped me to better understand my character, to see the world through her eyes. I couldn’t bring myself to scatter these poems into my other collections, so I kept them stored away in a file. I hate to keep these words locked away. Some of my favorite pieces are in this collection. They need to be seen.

Apus is a companion book to Burning Muses and will never be more than 99 cents and will be enrolled in Kindle Unlimited upon release. The paperback is only available in my shop. 

Pre-Order ebook here. 

Pre-Order paperback here. 

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