Exits, Desires, & Slow Fires

Below is the list of poems in my collection of poetry titled Exits, Desires, & Slow Fires. This collection will release summer 2017. Which title is the most intriguing to you?

  • Today I Was Hit 
  • Pretty Puppet Palms 
  • Let Me Just Say This Now 
  • “I Told You So.” 
  • They Say You’ve Got A Thing For Me 
  • If You’ve Ever Written About Me 
  • I Often Wonder At The Kind Of Man You Are 
  • He’s Writing Poetry About Her 
  • Romances Me 
  • I’m Sorry I Was So Drunk That Night 
  • We Should Have Spent The 4th Of July Together 
  • This Is Another Poem About You 
  • All The Shaky Sounds 
  • You’re A Cautionary Tale 
  • I Like The Old You Better 
  • All The Ways One Writer Misses Another Writer 
  • Unlucky 13 
  • The Tidal Wave 
  • Hope In A Helium Tank 
  • He Should Have Been More Careful With Me 
  • It’s Going To Hit You Violently 
  • Not The Real Me 
  • Alone 
  • My Love Is Blue Fire, Red Lies 
  • I Want Your Ivory Skin 
  • Games In Which We Rename Everything 
  • I Haven’t Heard From You In Weeks 
  • Sunday Coffee & Second Chances 
  • Side Character 
  • Hummingbird 
  • Where You Are 
  • Tabula Rasa 
  • Hope 
  • Tasted Like Poetry 
  • I Could Write For Days About You 
  • The Cure 
  • The Problem With Temptation 
  • Pillow Talk 
  • All The Nameless 
  • Gooseflesh & Downy Halos 
  • Barely 
  • The Worst Kind Of Game 
  • Holy Water 
  • They’re Taking Bets On Us 
  • Just Friends 
  • So You Think You Know Me 

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