HOLY SMOKES! My little poetry collection, Exits, Desires, & Slow Fires has made it to the semifinals of the Goodreads Choice Awards!

I couldn’t have made it into this round without you all. There are no words for how grateful I am to everyone who wrote me in. I am the underdog here, a much smaller poet than the rest. It’s word of mouth and reader passion that has gotten me this far.

The Goodreads Choice Awards is the only major book award decided on by you, the reader. And for me, that means it’s the one that matters the most.

I hope you’ll take the time to vote for me again so I can make it into the final round!

ALSO, I have made the ebook of my book just .99 and it will remain that way until the awards close.

Click here to grab it.

Thank you so much!!

Click here to vote!




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