Welcome to my day of the first annual blog hop hosted by the PLN Author Group. What does PLN stand for? PASSIONATE LITTLE NUTCASE! We are a group of readers and writers who adore the immensely talented Tarryn Fisher.

The blog hop runs from December 4th – December 24th. I have a signed copy of Background Music up for grabs.

FullSizeRender 42A little about me…

My name is Jen, and most know me as J.R. Rogue. My writing career began on Instagram where I share poetry and have over 50 thousand followers. I have been writing poetry for almost 20 years of my life and it is my first love. I am a 2-time Goodreads Choice Awards Nominee, and to date, I have 10 collections for sale on Amazon and my online shop.

I have also published 2 novels. Both are set in a small town modeled after my tiny midwest home. Burning Muses and Background Music are standalone romances with connecting characters. Both are enrolled in KU.

When I am not writing for myself, I am writing for others. I have written over 100 custom poems for readers and other writers. My work has appeared in novels by Trudy Stiles, Whitney Barbetti, Yessi Smith, Karla Sorenson, KD Robichaux, and others.

My life away from the writing world is pretty easy going. I enjoy reading, playing with my three dogs and cat, hiking, and having drinks with friends. I love binge watching shows on Netflix and Hulu and checking out what’s in the theatre with my husband and my movie pass card. I have an endless amount of useless film and tv trivia stored in my head, which makes me the go-to for questions like “who was that actor in that one show with the dog?”

One of my bucket list wishes is to see Ireland and my writing career is making that dream come true in 2019.

My links!

Blog Hop links!

Next up on the blog hop is the wonderful and sweet Willow Aster. Check her out here tomorrow. Check out the full schedule on my last blog post here.


I’m giving away a signed copy of the Background Music with the new cover!


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