Poetry – Review

With a deadline looming, I’ve only been able to read 1 novel so far in 2018. I am very okay with that and have been finding time to squeeze in reading time for quite a few poetry collections on work breaks, and lunches. I wanted to share a few of my favorites with you.

More Than Bread was a beautiful collection. Definitely a 5 star for me. The conversation between the girl and the star was mesmerizing. I do not often relate to poetry about positivity, but this collection got to me. It made me want to be softer, more open. I loved this collection so much that I ordered the paperback even though I happened to find this book when the ebook was free.
The author can be found on Instagram here.


Trista Mateer is honestly one of my favorite poets out now. I leave every collection feeling like I know her better. Her words are unique, intimate, honest. Her poetry is not one-size-fits-all. Every piece has unique details about her life and the lover she is writing about scattered within.

I have read every collection she has out but was waiting for the new version of this one to come out, as I have it pre-ordered. When I saw the ebook of the 1st edition was free with KU I jumped at the chance to read it. I will also be reading the new version.

You can read the 1st edition here, and pre-order the new version here.

The author can be found on Instagram here.



Corazón was mesmerizing. The imagery, the longing, the vivid family history. Yesika is new to me, and I will pick up everything she puts out now.

My favorite pieces were My Depression Has Questions, Motherhood, and Familiar.

The author can be found on Instagram here.


Here are some other notable 4 and 5 star collections I have read. Click on the image to be taken to the book.






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