A new world

Don’t be an asshole when someone unfollows you on social media. ⠀

Don’t take it personally unless you’ve had a discussion, and you know for a fact that it’s indeed personal. (hey if your mom or dad unfollowed you maybe it was just fat thumbs and an accident?)⠀

There are many reasons someone may unfollow you on social media. Maybe you post pictures of your new addition to the family, and the person unfollowing has had trouble with fertility. ⠀

Maybe you are posting your enviable fitness results and the person unfollowing has had trouble with their health. ⠀

Maybe you are extremely open and honest with your mental health struggles and the person unfollowing feels the tug to relapse into past bad habits when confronted with someone else’s battle. ⠀

I could go on and on. ⠀

We preach that no one should follow accounts on social media that do not make them feel good. (Because lets be honest we are driving 90 miles an hour into a new world where social media hinders mental health in so many ways.) But we should also express to those who get angered when we are unfollowed that it isn’t always personal. ⠀

Focus on yourself and your growth. What’s good for you isn’t always what’s good for someone else.

(Previously posted at http://www.instagram.com/j.r.rogue)

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