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Some love affairs aren’t meant for the public eye. Some love affairs won’t survive the fallout.

Calliope das Dores is not the perfect rebound, even if her name means “muse”. She is not who I should be running to. But I want her anyway.

She keeps telling me my squeaky-clean image can’t handle the scandal, but this want between us is not black and white, and it never will be.

I don’t care that she’s my uncle’s wife—or that she shares my last name. After finding my girlfriend in bed with my uncle at the end of my worldwide tour, the truth is clear: Calliope and I are the only family we both have left now.

In the beginning, after flying to the Ozarks to tell her of our partners’ sins, I tell myself it’s just so she won’t hear it from someone who would lie to her. But my manager and best friend say I’ve wanted her since I was a kid, and now, finally, she is allowed to want me back.

She says we can get over them with each other—even if it’s in secret, for a summer—but I have to promise her I won’t fall in love. It’s not part of the plan. The details in our past deny us of any future we could have had.

What starts out as a rebound for both of us eventually consumes me. But the flames don’t reach her.

My muse is consumed, too. But not with me. ❞

I knew I was in for an age-gap romance, for a forbidden relationship with an “aunt”, and of course I knew there’d be angst, but nothing prepared me for the feeling J.R. Rogue put me through. The Rebound tells of devastation, of coming-of-age, of the lengths a person will go to in order to survive. It tells of love and loss and fear and anger. It’s about life and the quality of living that we dream about, but can’t attain.

Carlene Inspired ★★★★★

It bends morals, it breaks hearts, and all along, you’re still hoping for a happy ending for the sweet Sean and his elusive muse.

– Author, Cynthia Rodriguez ★★★★★

The Rebound ended up being so much more than I bargained for. It touches on heavy matters like toxic people and abuse. It was poignant yet hopeful. J.R. Rogue is truly an artist in the way she weaves her stories. She paints a picture and slowly adds details, some are apparent and others are more obscure. Every word has a definitive purpose to evoke a certain feeling from the reader. This novel is heavy with emotion. Most of it will be uncomfortable, but that’s Rogue’s gift. She brings you to those dark corners and you’ll come out of the other side being happy you experienced it. 

– Lisa, A Risque’ Affair Book Blog ★★★★★

I wish I could tell you how much I love this book, but I’m afraid that I’m rendered speechless. JR Rogue twisted me up, keeping me on an emotional edge. Would Sean and Calliope heal themselves through healing each other? Would the evil ex-girlfriend and uncle return to stake their claims? I both wanted to hurry through the book to find out what happens and slow down so I could savor all of JR Rogue’s words. You can tell she is a poet because some of her lines float off the page. – Vox Libris ★★★★★

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