Viral Cover Blitz

In one week, Viral: Poems will be live!

A collection of poems sharing fears, confessions, and hopeful moments as the world cries out during a time of turmoil. Each poem in this collection is in response to reader confessions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

I’m so angry at the world. I was doing so much better before the shutdown. I felt hopeful… ❞

Viral is a poetry collection comprised of pieces written in response to reader confessions during the covid-19 pandemic. It is one of the most challenging collections I have ever written. The pain, confusion, anger, and fear was palpable in your confessions.

❝ I feel that even though the pandemic is terrifying, deadly for some, & an invisible enemy, it’s holding a mirror up to us & showing us that maybe we need to be more thoughtful, considerate, & empathetic to others. ❞

You can pre-order Viral here.

Signed copies can be pre-ordered here, or here.

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