Have you ever seen your name splattered in ink?

Have you ever been tied to the murder of the girl who claimed the love of your life?

Lovina “Love” Landry has. At just seventeen, she’s lived a life full of grief, trauma, and various mental illnesses. So it’s not surprising when her infatuation with Charlie O’Sullivan—the foster boy from D Street in Southie, with the shy smile and warm eyes—quickly turns into an obsession.

On a one-track mission to steal his heart, Love soon discovers it’s already taken, by his girlfriend, Tracy Ellis. The sun-kissed girl with the golden hair, dazzling smile, and seemingly perfect life. Why should she get everything?

Remove Tracy.

Love now finds herself in prison, accused of Tracy’s murder. She can’t recall the details, only the blackout.

You’re probably wondering if she did it. If she killed Tracy and took the smile away from the girl who had everything going for her. If Love is the monster the articles will tell you she is. It’s the million-dollar question, what everyone wants to know, including Love.

Because she too wonders if she did it.

Maybe she did.


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