I Love You, I Need HIM is LIVE!

I Love You, I Need Him is LIVE!

ILYINH is book 2 in the Something Like Love series but it’s a complete standalone! No, for real. The characters in book 1 (Sev, Bryan, & Ben) are of no relation to Brooklyn and Declan in I Love You, I Need Him. BUT you will have met Brooklyn in Blind Melody! Do you want to read I Like You, I Love Her? You can grab it for FREE! Both are in KU!

In a lot of ways, I was one of the fortunate ones. After my mother died and my father went to jail, I should have been an orphan. My childhood should have been all loss and abandon, but thanks to my grandparents, it was mostly love and compassion.

As an adult, Iโ€™ve been blessed with a dream job in the Smoky Mountains. At least, until my boss decided to hire him to assist me at the cabin. 

His name is Declan Oโ€™Connell. The tall, tattooed, Irishman is the son of a literary legendโ€”and a widower, still haunted by the death of the love of his life. So, heโ€™s the most emotionally unavailable man Iโ€™ve ever wanted.

I like himโ€”as a little more than a friendโ€”but he still loves her. And ever since my younger sisters showed up on my doorstep, Iโ€™ve been reminded of my rootsโ€”how some people can break hearts and build wallsโ€”reaffirming my refusal to be anyoneโ€™s second choice ever again. 

Itโ€™s been ten days since I left his bed. Since the morning he almost kissed me, reviving both our broken hearts in ways neither of us could deny. 

Declan Oโ€™Connell and I are co-workers by day, stand-in lovers by night. 

And after this season comes to an endโ€”if I let myselfโ€”maybe together we can find a new beginning.


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