This is a contiuation of my steps to wellness. Read post 1 here.


I can hear your thoughts now. What is meditation? How do you even meditate? What if I do it wrong? How do I know it’s working?
I felt this way about meditation for years. I just didn’t…get it. And I’m honestly surprised I was scared of it. Many of us are afraid to be alone with our thoughts, but I’m not one of those people. I live in my thoughts. Perhaps I was worried I couldn’t quiet my thoughts—that I would sit there and ramble in my head for the allotted time.
Regardless of my fears, I decided to give meditation a try last year after seeing posts by author BB Easton. She is a beacon of light, and I figured…being more like BB will never be a bad thing.

I don’t know how to describe how meditation has helped me mentally and physically adequately. Bummer, right? You hoped I could spill all the secrets of meditation here. But I can’t. I just know it works. I trust that my brain needs it. That my heart needs it. In a world of overload information, every thought plastered on social media, and busyness being glorified: meditation is an ultimate act of self-care. Our brains are a muscle and need to restore. I invite you to try one of the apps below and give it an honest try for a month.

I now have three apps I can use to meditate. It seems excessive, right? Well, not for me.

Headspace is my favorite app for meditation.

Calm is my favorite app for sleep stories and gentle soundscapes.

Endel is my go-to for yoga soundscapes, writing and work soundscapes, etc…

Using these apps in my everyday life allows me to feel like my calming aura can circle me all day long, beyond my timed meditations. (best it can, I’m only human and still have anxiety and everyday struggles.)

If I were to choose one app to keep now it would be Endel, because I find the soundscapes to be invaluable, and I can now meditate without guidance. But Headspace was the best place to start for me because I needed guidance. And let’s be real, we all know I got Calm for the Harry Styles sleepscape 🙂


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