Millicent’s Guide to Surviving the Fall (Guiding, #2)Millicent’s Guide to Surviving the Fall by Cynthia A. Rodriguez
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book will not be an easy read for some. Miley and Sam truly have a forbidden romance. Their chemistry and the feel of them being destined is so thick, unflinching, and the angst is…JFC… This book absolutely hurts. Miley has a steel wall around her heart—placed there by the way love has been modeled for her in her formative years, and seeing friends suffer heartache. So she likes control, and Sam tilts her off her axis. She cannot control her feelings around him, and a work commitment forces her to be near the man she shared a life-changing night with. I was dying to see what happened next, who touched who first. Talk about a slow fucking burn, but rightfully so. PLEASE make sure you read the last last LOST chapter in the book.
Whether there are bad guys to you in this story, or no bad guys, really all depends on your life experiences. We all view stories through our own unique lens. Cynthia proves again to be a master with her prose, tugging at your heart and soul with the fluidity and charge of her words.

Also, I really need Simu Liu as Sam in the movie version of this.

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