PERSONAL FOUL: A College Sports Romance Anthology


The secret is out! I’m so excited to announce that I will be contributing a brand-new story to PERSONAL FOUL: A College Sports Romance Anthology for charity!


The quarterback. The point guard. The goalie. The pitcher.
So hot. So good with their hands. 

Personal Foul features brand new stories from 20 amazingly talented and bestselling authors. This is your VIP Season Pass for a front-row seat as romance buds beneath Friday night lights, courtside, and in the stands. 

The swim captain. The track star. The wrestling champion.

So fast. So determined to get what they want.

Personal Foul is bursting with young love, steamy passion, and new temptations—all while attempting to balance a busy college schedule.

***This is a charity anthology and 100% of the proceeds will benefit a youth sports charity for underprivileged children.***

Participating Authors:

Amanda Cuff · Amy Stephens · Andi Burns · B. Celeste · Christy Pastore · Cynthia A. Rodriguez · Dana Isaly · J. R. Rogue · JD Hollyfield · K Leigh · Kat Savage · Laramie · Briscoe · Lori Worley · M Leigh Morhaime · Maren Moore · R. H. Nix · Rachel Blaufeld · Shannon O’Connor · Trisha Anderson

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