Hello poetry lovers!

Last week we talked about my new release Daddy Issues coming 10/19.

Thank you for all your emails and posts!

I know many of you are going to relate to this collection.

Daddy Issues will be available for all e-readers very soon.

If you can’t wait to get started check out the sample below OR order directly from me for an early release date!


“This collection cut close to my soul.”


“How can you love a monster when so much was taken?”

In Daddy Issues, three-time Goodreads Choice Awards nominated poet J. R. Rogue examines how fathers—absent, abusive, violent—can shape our minds and hearts during our formative years and beyond.
Wading into the dark waters of familial trauma, this collection reopens wounds closed, scarred, and fresh, and is dedicated to fathers breaking cycles and mothers playing both roles.

Did you enjoy the poems in the sample?? I hope you did! (and yes, I realize it’s hard to like poems about this topic…)

Comment below and let me know how they made you feel.

Stay tuned for more poems coming next week.

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