Poetry cover updates!

Same vulnerable poetry, new faces.


January was a hard writing month for me in many ways. But I look back at it now as a moment of growth. After taking the entire month of December off after writing every day from Sept 1 through Nov 30, I assumed I would be refreshed and ready to go! Wrong. Every word was torture. So, I turned to journaling—something I have never really done. I’ve found that writing by hand for 12 minutes a day is very therapeutic. Many entries are very dark, but some are hopeful. After every session I find myself feeling lighter.

When I WAS writing fiction I was working on a secret project I hope to release soon. I booked my cover for next month and I’m loving these characters and the mess they’re in. We are leaving supernatural suspense for a moment, but staying with the suspense. Stay tuned for more on that in the next month or so.


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