Burning Muses


I’ve burned muses.
I’ve felt little remorse.
I stored our tales.
I sold them for this life—
this luxury,
this ease.
Their sighs and lies
led me to believe they
enjoyed the dance too.
I’ve burned muses.
I laughed at those tales.
Then I met him.

Successful, sultry, tattooed, erotic author Seraphina Daniels feels like running. Running from the writer’s block that has been plaguing her. Running from her tabloid fodder life in New York City after her relationship with sexy movie star, Tristan, goes up in flames.

So when childhood friend Kat calls in distress, she decides to fly home to Missouri, convinced the quiet country setting will be the change of scenery she needs to write a novel she can be proud of.

But things have changed in the years since she left the Ozarks.

When Sera meets Chace, romance isn’t an option. He is younger, kind, innocent, hardworking, and her family treats him as one of their own. He is unlike any man she has ever met. Friendship comes easy, but soon, the undeniable attraction they are trying to fight complicates everything.

Will Sera finally stop sabotaging her own love life for the sake of her writing? Can she open her heart to a love that may finally inspire her to write from the heart?