I Love You, I Need Him

Book 2 ● I Love You, I Need Him
◦ friends to lovers second chance

Type: Novel
Release Date: October 22, 2020
Something Like Love

❝ In a lot of ways, I was one of the fortunate ones. After my mother died and my father went to jail, I should have been an orphan. My childhood should have been all loss and abandon, but thanks to my grandparents, it was mostly love and compassion.

As an adult, I’ve been blessed with a dream job in the Smoky Mountains. At least, until my boss decided to hire him to assist me at the cabin. 

His name is Declan O’Connell. The tall, tattooed, Irishman is the son of a literary legend—and a widower, still haunted by the death of the love of his life. So, he’s the most emotionally unavailable man I’ve ever wanted.

I like him—as a little more than a friend—but he still loves her. And ever since my younger sisters showed up on my doorstep, I’ve been reminded of my roots—how some people can break hearts and build walls—reaffirming my refusal to be anyone’s second choice ever again. 

It’s been ten days since I left his bed. Since the morning he almost kissed me, reviving both our broken hearts in ways neither of us could deny. 

Declan O’Connell and I are co-workers by day, stand-in lovers by night. 

And after this season comes to an end—if I let myself—maybe together we can find a new beginning. ❞