When We Outgrow Our Bones


So, October is here, which means poetry prompt time is over. BOOOO!!!

Incase you missed it, during the month of September my friend Kat Savage and I hosted a series of poetry prompts called When We Outgrow Our Bones. It was so much fun to read what everyone came up with and this morning the hashtag had nearly 3,000 pieces attached to it! Wow guys, wow. That means the world to us.

I hope to still see work rolling in! Honestly, rules are dumb. If you haven’t completed the list it doesn’t mean you have to stop writing from it just because it’s a new month. I wish we could give you a new list every month but we both have so much going on!

Again, thank you so much writing with us.


2 thoughts on “When We Outgrow Our Bones

  1. I can’t begin to tell you just how much I enjoyed this. Having only begun writing again a few months past, I had found inspiration in your words. September’s gift of poetic prompts served to inspire me even more, as did the wonderful talents of Kat, who I discovered through your own FB page. Best wishes to both you and her in the future! You both have a lifelong admirer in me! ❤

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