Poetry Prompts

It’s that time of the year! Kat Savage and I have writing prompts for the month of April!

The title is These Blue Depths. Use hashtag #THESEBLUEDEPTHS on social media so we can follow along.

Also, don’t forget to check out poets.org for all the different ways you can celebrate National Poetry Month.

  1. The Secrets I Left On The Shore
  2. What The Tide Told Me
  3. Ivory Sands & Your Lies
  4. Rib Cage Like A Conch Shell
  5. The Land Can’t Find Us
  6. The Anchors I Carry
  7. Say There Is No Love Left
  8. Our Water Graveyard
  9. The Wounds We Soak
  10. What The Storm Brought In
  11. Shade Of Blue You Refuse To Wear
  12. Depression Is A Great White Shark
  13. Where The Oceans Bleed
  14. Reckless Current
  15. Things We Say When The Earth Falls Away
  16. Drunken Palm Tree Sway
  17. Where The Storm Meets The Horizon
  18. A Band-Aid On The Dam
  19. Everywhere It Follows You
  20. Splinters In My Sole
  21. Purposeful Abandon
  22. Make A Wish
  23. Hidden Monster In You
  24. Alone & Adrift
  25. Flowers For Crimson Dawn
  26. My Body Is Waterlogged
  27. The Way Comfort Sounds
  28. Swollen Expectations & Deflated Realities
  29. If You’ve Never Been To Pier 42
  30. A Fisherman’s Goodbye


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