one year sober

I’ll keep this short and sweet.

Today I celebrate the completion of my sober year. No hangover today. No hangovers for a year. It was lovely, and cemented the thought that was nagging me before I embarked on this journey: my life is enriched when alcohol is not a part of it. We have one life, and I don’t intend to numb it.

If you are curious about embarking on a sober year I invite you to check out the resources below. There are also helpful IG accounts to follow. You can also read my 6mo blog post that explains why I took this challenge.

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J.R. Rogue first put pen to paper at the age of fifteen after developing an unrequited high school crush and has never stopped writing about heartache. She has published multiple volumes of poetry and novels. Her work has been recognized with three Goodreads Choice Awards nominations. In addition to her writing, J.R. Rogue is a certified yoga teacher with additional certification in Yoga Nidra and Trauma-Informed Yoga.

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