I Like You, I Hate Her is L I V E !!

Want to catch up with book 1 and 2?

Book 1 is free and book 2 is .99 for a limited time!

What can you find in ILYIHH?

💋 Villains in love

💋 Hate-to-love

💋 Forced proximity

💋 Second chances

💋 Slow burns and angst


I’m not bad; they just write me that way.

That’s what I tell myself—the lie I peddle in interviews.

If they want a bad girl, I can be their bad girl.

Their villain.

“Everyone loves a scandal. And you’re the queen of scandals..”

Years ago, I broke the heart of the biggest pop star in the world.

And then I became the Sexiest Man Alive’s biggest regret.

I am not that venomous girl anymore.

But I know a life-changing role when I see one.

“At his name, my heart stills. The man I hate and want.

The bane of my existence…”

Being Tristan Kane’s on-screen love interest will be good for my career.

And bad for my heart.

For him? I aim to devastate both.


The world thinks it’s easy being the son of Hollywood royalty.

But they don’t know the burdens I wear.

Or the regrets in my chest—that all say her name.

“We will be nothing more than co-stars. Not friends. Not anything more…”

Loving Josephine Ouellette goes against my late father’s wishes.

Fits into my meddling manager’s plans.

And pisses my sister off.

“…forget the world, they can’t have this moment.

This is our story, and no one gets a say in it.”

But I’m tired of living in his shadow.

Living for their games.

I fell in love with a villain.

And no one loves harder than the scorned.

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