Rouge 2nd Edition


I am hitting the downslope of the printing/sale of the signed and numbered 1st edition run of Rouge. I just want to thank you all so much. This collection contains the first work I shared with the public over two years ago. My writing has grown and changed but I will always look at these […]

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Book Of The Month Club


Okay so listen, I just joined The Book Of The Month Club. I don’t remember where I first saw it advertised but I went to the website and almost joined about a dozen times. Finally this adorable tote they were offering lured me in. I’ve never signed up for a subscription box, but this one […]

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All The Things We Cannot Touch

“I want to tell you I am a thousand years old. That I have seen things you have only read about. The horrors, the birth of nations, the extinction of monsters. But it would be a lie, and as easily as they often fall from my lips, I will not offer them to you, never […]

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June Writing Prompts


Below are the creative prompts Kat Savage and I have created for you to draw inspiration from! One for every day of June🙂 1. Hardwood Oceans Between Lovers 2. A Heart Like Flypaper 3. Kindness Never Knew Us 4. Straight Words & Crooked Smiles 5. I Will Not Keep You 6. Shattered Glass & Bruised Egos […]

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