June Writing Prompts

Below are the creative prompts Kat Savage and I have created for you to draw inspiration from! One for every day of June 🙂
1. Hardwood Oceans Between Lovers
2. A Heart Like Flypaper
3. Kindness Never Knew Us
4. Straight Words & Crooked Smiles
5. I Will Not Keep You
6. Shattered Glass & Bruised Egos
7. An Echo & A Reminder
8. The Devil In My Coffee Cup
9. Parted Lips & Your Pardon
10. The Waltz at Midnight
11. Vacations From Drowning
12. We Gave Something Up
13. Pause & Repent
14. Confessions & Apologies
15. Parachute Promise
16. Paper Thin Skin
17. The God Next Door
18. Morning Mourning
19. A Night Of No New Things
20. The Lies I Tell You
21. Motel Pools After 2
22. If I Could Unpart My Thighs
23. The Sheets Remember You
24. Temptation Between My Teeth
25. Fresh Dirt From An Old Grave
26. I Can Hear You Ticking
27. Look For Me In The Stillness
28. Ghost Stories at Breakfast
29. Legacies Of Ruin
30. Misery Riot

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